Golden Innovator Statues

Winner Participation

Winners and teams have the opportunity to participate in Red Carpet photo ops and to accept their Golden Innovator Award statues. Acceptance remarks can be a simple “thank you” to consumers or may include team member names, acknowledgements and/or brand-related comments. Remarks may be made onstage, recorded video, or prepared remarks for the category presenter. Key staff, spokespeople, & teams are encouraged to participate at The American Choice Awards. Stage time is subject to availability. Participation is not compulsory.

*Winners receive a compilation video of their category introduction, statue presentation, and acceptance remarks.

Red Carpet and Celebrity Meet & Greet

Winners may take part in Red Carpet photo-ops & celebrity meet & greet mixer.

  • Golden Innovator Statues may be accepted by teams or spokespeople
  • Winners receive the endorsement of American consumers on national TV
  • Winners may use their videos across all communication channels

Free registration is now open. Spaces are limited. Submit a Category Check to confirm availability.                                                            Click to Enlarge Images