The Winning Experience

We wanted to share our story:

“Hi Melissa, I wanted to be the first to tell you the great news. Tomboy has WON the National Best Brand Award. Congratulations on your big win!”

This was the message that I received just days after my birthday! Well, life just doesn’t get any better than that! We’ve been looking for new ways to take our products to the next level, so when we were nominated for the American Choice Awards everyone was naturally excited and hopeful – but the amount of attention we’ve received for winning was a complete surprise. Our Best Brand award was the catalyst that fired off the following series of events.

Once American Choice Awards announced us as a National Best Brand Winner we began receiving inquiries from editors and journalists from magazines and TV. So far we’ve been featured in seven stories and gift guides. Healthy Living even invited me to write regular articles. The CBS News reporter did a wonderful story about our company and products. Then I was selected to speak at the Governor’s annual leadership event.

The publicity and interest from our Best Brand award has sent our sales through the roof and we’ve had to boost production to fill them all! Now we’re very eager for our customers to see the Best Brand logo on our products. Thank you to everyone at the American Choice Awards. You have changed the landscape for the future of our company. We couldn’t be happier or busier!

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Media Release  




The American Choice Awards Announces National Best Brand Winner – Tomboy Organic Skincare Co.

 New York, NY – The American Choice Awards (America’s Largest Consumer Vote) announces Tomboy Organic Skincare Co. has won the National Best Brand Award for Organic Salves & Skin Care.

More than 1,500 brands are judged by American consumers across 190 categories. Finalists and Winners will be announced throughout the year categories such as Food and Beverage, Beauty, Household Care, Health and Personal Care, Home and Garden & Kids and Pets. Best Brand Nominees and Winners include selections from Crest, Nestlé, Purina, Oreo, KitchenAid, Starbucks, and L’Oréal, as well as many leading smaller brands. The Best Brand Awards are 100% consumer-voted, and large and small brands all have an equal opportunity to win.

Tomboy Definition: “A woman who enjoys rough, noisy activities traditionally associated with men”. Rock climbing, swimming in secluded lakes, fishing with your kids, hiking, gardening, and camping in the snow aren’t the exclusive territory of the boys’ club anymore. Tomboy Organic Skincare CEO, Melissa Kreis-Stephens is an adventurous Wildlife & Fisheries Biologist who knows this first-hand. After years of searching for organic earth-inspired, preservative-free skincare products to match her lifestyle, she and her team including right-hand tomboy Carolyn Campbell and daughters Halle, and Somer, a Chemical Engineering student decided to create their own. The result has been nothing short of a sensation, and their line of soothing salves, crèmes, lotions and makeups stand up to sweat, dirt and exposure to the elements like no others. Success however hasn’t changed the Chief Tomboy. “I am a nature girl, a water girl, and an athlete who craves adventure. I’m also a dreamer and as my momma used to say – a free spirit. Most certainly, I am my own brand of woman!”, said Melissa.

“We are pleased to welcome Tomboy Organic Skincare Co. into our family of National Best Brand Winners. Melissa and her team are clearly committed to making a difference for a whole nation of tomboys. We salute this innovative brand, and their stellar management and team”, said Jen Johansen, Senior Vice President of Polling and Research.

Today’s consumers are overwhelmed with options, and more than ever recommendations and ratings are key factors in our buying decisions. Consumers instantly recognize The Choice of American Consumers® by the Best Brand Seal on their websites and products.

 About Tomboy Organic Skincare Co.:

Welcome to Tomboy. This is who we are, Tomboys! We play on the rocks and rivers of this place we call home. Our skin care cannot be generated in a lab. It must be wild and free, like us. The ingredients we use to formulate our products have flourished under the hot sun and drank from the summer rains. The herbs and roots lie hidden under the forest canopy and seek deep the Earth’s nutrition. We have an intimate knowledge of plants and their beneficial properties, like the Shamen before us who taught the ancient ways. We believe that outer beauty is an echo of your physical, emotional and spiritual fitness – and that health is a function of a strong connection to the Earth.

About the National Best Brand Awards:

The American Choice Awards brings together foremost research, influential media and consumers nationwide to determine America’s favorite brands. The Best Brand Award empowers consumers to make better choices and promotes excellence and innovation. You will find Best Brand Winners Announcements and Shopping Lists on targeted -TV, and in leading consumer publications and websites nationwide. American Choice Awards voting and operations are located in New York, NY and Orlando, FL. For additional information visit: