Frequently Asked Questions

  • The American Choice Awards are the largest 100% consumer-voted product awards.  
  • The American Choice Awards have the highest name recognition of all consumer-voted product awards.  
  • The American Choice Awards have the largest media footprint of all consumer-voted product awards.
  • The American Choice Awards are the only national TV awards and red carpet for products and innovation.

The American Choice Awards brings together industry experts, influential media, and consumers nationwide to determine America’s favorite brands.                     The exclusive Best Brand Seal empowers consumers to make better choices, and helps winners grow their brands.


Approved categories are Food and Beverage, Beauty, Household Care, Health and Personal Care, Home and Garden, and Kids and Pets. Nominees and Winners include Dannon, Kraft, Purina, Black & Decker, Starbucks, KitchenAid, Honest, and L’Oreal. The American Choice Awards are 100% consumer-voted, and brands of all sizes have an equal opportunity to win.

Categories & Finalists are selected by Editors, event organizers, category experts and consumer surveys

  1. Brands complete the complimentary entry form.
  2. Information is transferred onto the Consumer Ballots.
  3. Consumer research and polling is in the field.
  4. Category Winners are notified each month as the results are tabulated.
  5. Winners leverage & socialize the Best Brand Seal and Winner Announcement Videos.
  6. Winners are announced on TV & Best Brands Feature Spreads in print & web.
  7. Publicity & support continues for winners & the Best Brand Seal.

Credibility – Publicity – Sales Growth

An American Choice Award represents the word-of-mouth recommendation of fellow consumers from across America. Winners are instantly recognized by their Best Brand Seal. *Winners receive full support and instructions proven to maximize the impact of their American Choice Award & Seal. Intro Video

The Best Brand Seal: The American Choice Awards logo works 24/7 on winners’ websites, Amazon, packaging, event signage, e-tail, expanding distribution, IR, advertising, and across all communication channels. Best Brand Award In Action

Category & Brand Research: All participants receive valuable category and brand research. Winners receive the full results & analysis of their category, and a customized report for their brand. The actionable report contains current feedback from screened primary shoppers about key aspects of each brand, as well as demographic & geographic insights. Learn: Who and where are our customers? What do they like, dislike, and want today? How do we stack up against our competitors?

Best Brand Media Campaign: Winners are featured in Winner Announcements and Winner Shopping Lists during Morning Shows & Talk Shows, and leading consumer publications.

Crystal & Golden Innovator Trophies: Impressive showpieces recognizing innovation and teamwork.

“The American Choice Awards” Red Carpet & Show: Winners may accept their Golden Innovator Statues at the show. Key staff, spokespeople, or the entire team are encouraged to participate. Winners also receive the VIP Tickets & Celebration Package to take part in the pre-show Red Carpet for photo-ops, and the Celebrity Meet & Greet following the telecast. *Acceptance remarks may be made onstage, by video, or in a scripted statement for the presenter. Stage time is subject to availability.

ACAs Social Network: Consumers, journalists, celebrity spokespeople, and presenters will be added to the network prior to the “The American Choice Awards”. Award Winners will experience many new Friends, Fans and Followers.

An American Choice Awards Seal represents the recommendation of fellow consumers from across America. It enhances value, instills trust, expands distribution, sparks publicity & increases sales. It can be used as a powerful stand-alone tool, and integrated into existing campaigns & activities. Winners time the use of their award & Seal based on their needs, and they receive full support and instructions to maximize the impact.

An American Choice Award energizes any of the following:

  1. Website, E-tail Sites, Product Pages & Social Media
  2. Print Ads, TV, & Web, Integrated Campaigns
  3. Packaging, Labels & New SmartLabel™
  4. Taglines: “American Choice Awards Best Brand”, “Voted National Best Brand”
  5. New Product Press Releases & Editorial Coverage
  6. Event Signage & Displays to Stand Out Prominently at Events
  7. Investor Relations to Increase Perceived Value
  8. Coupons & Ads, In-store Campaigns, Displays & Hang Tags
  9. Expand Distribution & Home Shopping TV
  10. Impact Points for Retail Partners & Reps
  11. Expand or Bring Back SKUs
  12. Co-op Print & FSIs
  13. Amazon Dash Buttons, Pantry, etc.
  14. Bridge for Retail, E-tail & Mobile
  15. Spokesperson Integration
  16. Team Recognition & Morale Building

Winners receive multiple national media exposures via celebrity/expert Winner Announcements during Morning Shows & Talk Shows and Best Brand Shopping Lists in targeted publications and sites. The expanded campaign includes Satellite Media Tours, VNRs, Interactive Press Releases, and Retail Promotions (Estimated 750 Million Impressions). Optional Media Blitz Packages are also available to Best Brand Winners.

Free Registration is now open. Category spaces are limited. Category Winners are notified each month as the votes are tabulated. Winners may immediately use their Best Brand Seal, or “time” their announcements to work with other initiatives, product releases, etc.

Brand highlights are entered onto the Consumer Ballots. Nationwide consumer voting (category studies) is conducted using the M-CAP (Multimedia Consumer Aggregation Platform) and proprietary balloting system developed with experts at the National Opinion Research Center at The University of Chicago. Screened primary shoppers judge multiple category-specific criteria as well as key factors such as Quality, Value, Sustainability, Satisfaction and Recommendation Likelihood. Brands with the highest scores in the category criteria are award-eligible. Category Winners are notified as the results are tabulated and certified.

Categories vary in size. Large categories (“Beverages” for example) are divided into smaller categories with fewer brands in each.

Winners may immediately leverage their American Choice Award & Seal, or coordinate deployment with other significant news, product releases, stakeholder events, and/or advertising and media schedules.

The expanded social media for includes consumers, winners, brand spokespeople & ambassadors, journalists and experts exchange news, Winner Videos & Segments. Best Brands will experience many new Friends, Fans and Followers in 2024.

Yes, Best Brands stand out prominently in the growing SmartLabel™ standard. Simply paste the Best Brand Seal into your SmartLabel “brand tab”. The artwork is optimized to “pop” for shoppers.

Winners/Teams have the opportunity to accept their Golden Innovator Award statues during the show. Remarks may be made onstage, by video, or a scripted statement for the Presenter. “The Oscars of Innovation” are brought to life by the creative minds of the CLIO Awards, Cannes Lions and Golden Globes for an exciting world-class celebration of excellence. *Winners receive a compilation video of their category introduction, statue presentation, and acceptance remarks.

Winners/Teams receive VIP Tickets & Celebration Package for pre-show Red Carpet photo ops, and celebrity Presenters and spokespeople meet & greet mixer after the telecast.

Free registration is now open. Spaces are limited. Submit a Category Check to confirm availability.