Entering & Winning

Winning Process

  1. Entry: Brand/product highlights are entered onto the Consumer Ballots.
  2. Voting: Category Winners are privately notified as the results are tabulated and certified.
  3. Winning: Category Winners leverage the Best Brand Seal & national media campaign.
  4. Enhanced Media: Optional Media Packages are also available to Category Winners.

Winners use the official American Choice Awards Best Brand Seal for their websites, advertising, packaging & labels, social media, event signage, distribution efforts, and across all communications. Winners may time the deployment of their Best Brand Seal to coincide with the ACAs’ announcements on TV & Print and their own launches, campaigns and events. *Support Provided


All participants receive the coveted Crystal Innovator Award trophy, and their category results. The reports include brand & category results, voter feedback, geographic/demographic insights and current trends. Brands Learn: Who and where are my customers? What do they want? How can we increase market share?


Category-Specific Voting Criteria Yields:

  • Easy to Use, Actionable Takeaways
  • Interactive Charts, Data Sets and Visualizations
  • Satisfaction, Improvement & Unmet/Latent Demands
  • Results Segmented by Gender, Age, Geography, & Income
  • Bonus Report: Millennials and Gen Z “Network Effect” Analysis

  • Key Product Attributes & Category Pricing
  • Optimize Assortment, Pricing and Promos
  • Urban/Rural Breakdowns
  • State and Zip Code Target Data

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