Champion Petfoods Wins American Choice Award



The American Choice Awards Announces National Best Brand Winner – Champion Petfoods’ ACANA Brand® 

New York, New York – The American Choice Awards (America’s Largest Consumer Vote) announces Champion Petfoods’ ACANA brand as the winner of the National Best Brand Award in the Specialty Pet Food category.

More than 1,500 brands are judged by American consumers across 200 categories. The Best Brand Awards are 100% consumer-voted, and large and small brands have an equal opportunity to win The Choice of American Consumers®.

“We are happy to welcome Champion Petfoods into our family of national Best Brand Winners. From formulation, to sourcing, to preparation, their leadership in biologically appropriate pet nutrition is unrivaled. We salute this innovative brand and their outstanding team”, said Jen Johansen, Senior Vice President of Polling and Research.

Champion Petfoods is at the forefront of Biologically Appropriate™ nutrition and committed to nourishing dogs and cats according to their evolutionary adaptation to a diet that is rich and diverse in meat and protein. ACANA dog and cat foods feature sustainable ranch-raised meats, free-run poultry and eggs, wild-caught fish and sun-ripened vegetables, fruits and botanicals. The ingredients are delivered FRESH or RAW each day by trusted suppliers to Champion’s award-winning, state-of-the-art DogStar® Kitchens in Auburn, Kentucky.

The National Best Brand award extends to Champion’s full line of DogStar® ACANA foods including Heritage, Regionals and Singles varieties.

“We are honored to receive this award and the strong vote of confidence from American consumers,” says Champion’s Chief Brand Officer, Peter Muhlenfeld.

Today’s consumers are overwhelmed with options, and they rely on reviews & recommendations more than ever before. The Best Brand Seal empowers consumers to save time and make better choices for themselves and their families. Shoppers cut through the clutter and instantly recognize The Choice of American Consumers®.

About Champion Petfoods:

Champion Petfoods is at the forefront of Biologically Appropriate™ pet nutrition with a tradition and reputation for innovation and leadership among pet lovers and pet specialty retailers worldwide. Like their ancestors, modern dogs and cats are anatomically designed for protein-rich, meat-based diets. Champion makes dog and cat foods from fresh regional ingredients, using meats, poultry, eggs and fish that are sustainably ranched, farmed or fished by local suppliers. Our award-winning DogStar® Kitchens in Kentucky represents the gold standard in pet food preparation. The facility is designed to meet or exceed the food safety and trand and trace standards expected of the human food processing industry. For additional information, please visit

About the National Best Brand Awards:

The American Choice Awards brings together foremost research, influential media and consumers nationwide to determine America’s favorite brands. The National Best Brand Award empowers consumers to make better choices and promotes product excellence and innovation. You will find Best Brand Winners Announcements and Shopping Lists on targeted TV, and in leading consumer publications and websites nationwide. The ACAs voting and operations are located in New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA. For additional information, visit