AI-Powered Research

AI-Powered Brands & Trends Report / Survey Methodology

The American Choice Awards is at the forefront of using big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithmic modeling to understand the bigger consumer landscape and behavioral trends. Our team works with Editors, category experts, professional associations and screened primary shoppers to identify key areas of evolving consumer interest. Best Brand Award Winners receive valuable brand-specific insights, comparative analysis & cross-tabs in the national study results. Winners learn the “who, what, where, when and why” about their brands, performance versus new and established competitors, Boomer, X,Y,Z and Gen A moves, and how to identify future or “hidden demand” for growth. This timely, actionable information fuels innovation and ultimately empowers consumers with better choices.

Our main concerns include knowing that participating brands have wide appeal, and they are consistent with the quality and focus of The American Choice Awards. Categories are 100% consumer-voted and all brands have an equal opportunity to win. Participants are accepted into category studies as space permits.


  1. Brand highlights and information are entered onto the Consumer Ballots
  2. Research and data collection is in the field with screened category consumers
  3. Brands are privately notified once the results are tabulated and certified
  4. Winners begin planning and leveraging their Best Brand Award Seal and tools
  5. Winners receive “best practices” & instructions in the Winners Activation Playbook

Proprietary System / NORC

Nationwide consumer research is conducted using the M-CAP (Multimedia Consumer Aggregation Platform) and a proprietary balloting system developed with experts at the National Opinion Research Center at The University of Chicago. Screened Primary Shoppers are responsible for the primary shopping decisions in their households. Respondents judge category criteria and other key factors including Quality, Sustainability, Value, Satisfaction, Diversity Awareness and Recommendation Likelihood. A category universe of responses is set in order to achieve the requisite level of accuracy. Brands receiving the highest numerical scores in the key criteria are award-eligible.

Market Research-Based Results:

  • Track brand awareness, acceptance, and engagement
  • Track changing packaging and design trends
  • Define discrete market segments
  • Predictive AI to assess key market drivers
  • Track brand & category opinion timelines
  • Develop or refine key product positioning and messaging

The Process Gleans:

  • Values and behaviors of specific demographic groups
  • Reactions to major generational trends
  • Purchasing habits & predictive AI
  • Interests & attitudes
  • Media habits
  • Geographic insights (to zip code)


  • Screened category-specific primary shoppers
  • Results by gender, age, profession, persona, geography, and income
  • Data to optimize assortment, pricing and promotions
  • Improve marketing strategies and focal points with predictive AI
  • Demographic insights and urban/rural breakdown
  • State-level & prefix target data
  • Zip code target data

Nationwide Study / Screened Primary Shoppers / Internal Sample Data

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