2024 Best Brand Awards

 The American Choice Awards

  • The American Choice Awards are the largest 100% consumer-voted brand awards.
  • The American Choice Awards have the highest name recognition of all consumer-voted brand awards.
  • The American Choice Awards have the largest major media footprint of all consumer-voted brand awards.
  • The American Choice Awards are the only prime time TV awards spotlighting brand excellence & innovation.


The American Choice Awards brings together foremost research, influential media, and consumers nationwide to determine America’s favorite brands.

Winners include Patagonia, Dyson, Honda, Chewy, Chick-fil-A, KitchenAid, Makita, Purina, Honest, L’Oreal and many leading smaller brands. The American Choice Awards are 100% consumer-voted and all brands have an equal opportunity to win.

The Best Brand Seal of Approval provides instant positive feedback from across America. Online and at retail people prefer The Choice of American Consumers®.

America’s Largest Consumer Vote™

Categories Include: Food and Beverage, Beauty, Household Care, Health and Personal Care, Home & Garden, Kids, Pets and Tech. Consumers rate key category criteria and Recommendation Likelihood. Winners are awarded each month and featured in major media throughout the year.

Empowering Consumers

Today’s consumers rely on reviews and recommendations to make better choices.

“93% of Americans report changing purchasing decisions due to inflation.”

“84% of consumers surveyed trust “word of mouth” recommendations about products and services.”

– Nielsen

“86% of respondents nationwide are “very familiar” with The American Choice Awards.”

– InnoVotive Dynamics

Empowering Brands

Best Brands stand out prominently as The Choice of American Consumers®.

“We are honored to receive the strong vote of trust and confidence from American consumers.” – Pet Food

“The publicity and interest from our Best Brand Award sent our sales through the roof!” – Skin Care

“We won with our store brand and use the Best Brand logo on multiple products. Great experience.” – National Grocer

“Our American Choice Awards display was a big hit at the show. The retailer activity was incredible!” – Beauty

“It’s crowded and competitive. American Choice Awards on our packs gives us a big advantage.” – Kids Nutrition



Why Brands Participate

Get Attention – Gain Trust – Grow Sales

  • Best Brand Award Seal of Approval
  • Increased Sales & Market Share
  • Winners Featured on National TV
  • Top Brand & Category Research
  • No Entry Fee


The Best Brand Effect

Winners are refreshed and energized.

The exclusive Best Brand Award Seal of Approval represents the endorsement of millions of consumers across America. Winners stand out, connect, gain trust, and dramatically increase sales. TTT The Best Brand Award energizes websites, E-tail, packaging, social media, events and communications 24/7. Supported by American Choice Awards Winning Media, the Best Brand Award is a prestigious and Powerful Asset. *Winning titles such as “Cosmetics”, “Multivitamins” or “Pet Food” may accompany the Best Brand Seal. Winning Benefits

“Products which won a national award or certification had a 54% boost in sales” – Nielsen

“80 of American consumers would be more likely to purchase a product which had won a national award.” – ShopAssociation.org

“86% of respondents nationwide are “very familiar” with The American Choice Awards.” – InnoVotive Dynamics

National Media & Publicity

Winners Announcements & Demonstrations on National Morning TV

Informative Segments to the Largest Audience of Primary Consumers

Guest Celebrities & Category Influencers Review Winning Features & Benefits

Winner Segments Shared and Promoted by Popular Category Personalities

New: Winners Receive a Media Microsite for Their TV & Publicity

Valuable Leading-Edge Research

Winners receive their brand & category Research Results with demographic & geographic intel. The AI-powered Brands & Trends Report demystifies the market and reveals trending demand and “hidden” opportunities.  Brands learn: How do we compare with competitors in important category criteria? What are our advantages and key areas for growth?

“The Oscars of Innovation”

“The American Choice Awards” TV Special & Red Carpet: Dubbed “The Oscars of Innovation”, renowned producers from The Golden Globes, Clio Awards and Cannes Lions come together in New York City for another world-class event of excellence and innovation. Acceptance remarks for Golden Innovator Statues may be made on stage, recorded video, or prepared remarks for the Category Presenter. A potential global audience of 270 million viewers and the collective social buzz from participants makes for one of the most dynamic and interactive events of the year. *Stage time is subject to availability.

Best Brand Award – Omni-Spark

The Best Brand Award Continues 24/7.

  • America’s Best Brand Seal of Approval
  • Websites, Product Pages, Amazon, TV & Social
  • Labels & Packaging / SmartLabel™ Approved
  • “Voted American Choice Awards Best Brand” for Web & Profiles
  • Impressive Show Displays & Materials
  • Store Displays, Fleet Signage
  • Replaces “New” Everywhere
  • Stakeholder Value / Investor Relations
  • Franchise Sales Materials

*Instructions and “best practices” are provided.

  • Expanding Distribution & Locations
  • Promotions, Coupons & Offers
  • Impact Points for Retail Reps
  • Expand or Bring Back SKUs
  • Co-op & FSIs
  • Amazon Dash & Pantry
  • Bridge for Retail, E-tail & Mobile
  • Spokesperson, Influencer Integration
  • Building Morale & Team Pride


Winning Timeline

1. Brand highlights & category criteria are submitted for Consumer Ballots

2. Nationwide voting and research is in the field with Primary Consumers

3. Winners are notified each month as results are tabulated and certified

 Winners Activate Their Best Brand Award

 Winner Announcements in Major Media 

 Ongoing Publicity Throughout the Year

Free Registration Now Open

Free registration is open. Spaces are limited. Submit a Category Check to confirm availability, or continue to Winners Benefits, Winners Media or FAQ to learn more. For assistance, email our team at info@AmericanChoiceAwards.com

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