2024 National Best Brand Awards

 The American Choice Awards

  • The American Choice Awards are the largest 100% consumer-voted product awards.
  • The American Choice Awards have the highest name recognition of all consumer-voted product awards.
  • The American Choice Awards have the largest media footprint of all consumer-voted product awards.
  • The American Choice Awards are the only prime time TV awards celebrating excellence & innovation.


The American Choice Awards brings together foremost research, influential media, and consumers nationwide to determine America’s favorite brands.

Nominees & Winners include ALDI, Chobani, Dyson, Dannon, Safelite, Starbucks, Goya, Pandora, Purina, Black & Decker, Whole Foods, KitchenAid, Honest, L’Oreal and many leading smaller brands. The American Choice Awards are 100% consumer-voted and all Nominees have an equal opportunity to win. 2024 spaces are now limited. Submit a Category Check to confirm availability.

Empowering Consumers

Smart shoppers rely on reviews and recommendations to make better decisions. The exclusive Best Brand Award stands out prominently as The Choice of American Consumers®.

“84% of consumers trust “word of mouth” recommendations about products and services.”

– Nielsen

“80% of shoppers said they would be more likely to purchase a product which had won a national award.”

– ShopAssociation.org

“86% of respondents nationwide are “very familiar” with The American Choice Awards.”

InnoVotive Dynamics                                

Empowering Brands

Best Brands differentiate, inspire trust, and grow their brands. 

“We are honored to receive the strong vote of trust and confidence from American consumers.” – Pet Care

“The publicity and interest from our Best Brand Award sent our sales through the roof!” – Skin Care

“We won with our store brand and use our Best Brand logo on multiple products. Great experience.” – National Grocer

“Our American Choice Awards display was a big hit at the show. The retailer activity was incredible!” – Beauty

“It’s crowded and competitive. The Best Brand logo on our new packages gives us a big advantage.” – Kids Nutrition


Why Brands Participate

Create Spark – Instill Trust – Grow Sales

  • American Choice Awards Best Brand Seal
  • Grow Sales, Market Share & Distribution
  • National TV, Multimedia & Publicity
  • Custom AI-Powered Brands & Trends Report
  • Free to Nominate and Enter


America’s Best Brands

Winners are instantly recognized and energized by their National Best Brand Award seal of approval. The unique endorsement of consumers across America stands out prominently, projecting trust, value and confidence 24/7 on websites & product pages, packaging, social media, events, and all communications. The exclusive Best Brand Award works in concert with American Choice Awards media to quickly ignite or refresh products, and the Winners Activation Playbook empowers brands with success stories and instructions to achieve maximum impact.

2024 Publicity & Media

New for 2024, winners receive a dedicated Best Brand Award Microsite hosting their TV Winner Announcements, news, artwork, and all Best Brand Award assets for turn-key use and sharing. Best Brands are featured in Winner Announcements and product demonstrations on Morning TV & Talk Shows, and millions of winning exposures via topical social stars. 2024 National Media

AI-Powered Intel:

Best Brand Award participants receive the full results of their study with brand & category insights, and demographic & geographic breakdowns. Winners receive an additional AI-Powered Brands & Trends Report with valuable augmented details about their brand’s current perception vs competitors, and actionable emerging trends. Brands learn: What does our target market want now, and what’s on the horizon? How do we stack up vs our competitors? What are our advantages going forward, and where are our “hidden” avenues for growth? AI-Powered Research

“The Oscars of Innovation”

“The American Choice Awards” Show & Red Carpet: Dubbed “The Oscars of Innovation”, winning brands have the opportunity to accept their Golden Innovator Statues at the prime time TV Special in the heart of New York City. Renowned creative minds from the Golden Globes, CLIO Awards, and Cannes Lions come together for a world-class event celebrating excellence and innovation. Acceptance remarks may be made at the podium, prerecorded video, or prepared remarks for the category presenter. Winners receive the VIP Tickets Package to take part in Red Carpet photo-ops and the Celebrity Meet & Greet mixer following the telecast. Key personnel, spokespeople, and teams are encouraged to participate. *Stage time is subject to availability.

American Choice Awards Statues & Trophies: Impressive showpieces reflecting the dedication and achievement of winning teams.

World-Class Research

Nationwide consumer research is conducted using the M-CAP (Multimedia Consumer Aggregation Platform) and a proprietary balloting system developed with experts at The National Opinion Research Center at The University of Chicago. The AmeriSpeak® OMNIBUS platform is recognized as the most scientifically rigorous available in the US.

A thorough review of category experts’ Research Questionnaires and Nominee information is conducted. Nominated brand highlights are entered onto the Consumer Ballots. A category universe of consumer responses is set in order to achieve the requisite level of accuracy. Screened Primary Shoppers rate the brand highlights and key factors such as Quality, Value, Appeal, Performance, Reputation, Innovation, Safety, Materials, Sustainability, Price, Design, Awareness, and Recommendation Likelihood. Brands receiving the highest numerical scores in the category criteria are award-eligible.

The Voted Best Brand Award – 24/7 Omni-Channel Spark

  • Websites & Product Pages, TV, Social, Mobile, Print
  • Packaging & Labels / SmartLabel™ Compatible
  • Refreshes / Replaces “New” Claim Everywhere
  • In-Store & Window Displays
  • Taglines: “Voted American Choice Awards Best Brand” (and approved variations)
  • News, Press Releases & Editorial Coverage
  • Attention-getting Booth Displays
  • Investor Relations & Stakeholder Value
  • Valpak, Coupons & Circulars

*Instructions and “best practices” are provided.

  • Expand Distribution
  • Impact Points for Retail Reps
  • Expand or Bring Back SKUs
  • Co-op Print & FSIs
  • Amazon Dash Buttons & Pantry, etc.
  • Bridge for Retail, E-tail & Mobile
  • Spokesperson Integration
  • Team Recognition & Morale Building

2024 Winning Timeline

Categories selected by screened consumers and category experts

1. Brands provide their highlights for the Consumer Ballots

2. Nationwide voting and research is conducted with primary shoppers

3. Winners are notified each month as the results are tabulated and certified

Winners may immediately activate their Best Brand Award

Winners are featured on TV & multimedia throughout the year

Ongoing American Choice Awards media and publicity campaign

Free Registration Now Open

Free registration is now open. Spaces are limited. Submit a Category Check to confirm availability, or continue to 2024 Winning Benefits , 2024 National Media or FAQ to learn more. For assistance, email our team at info@AmericanChoiceAwards.com

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