The Best Brand Spark

American Choice Awards Winning Advantage

  • The American Choice Awards are the largest 100% consumer-voted product awards.
  • The American Choice Awards have the highest name recognition of all consumer-voted product awards.
  • The American Choice Awards have the largest major media footprint of all consumer-voted product awards.
  • The American Choice Awards are the only prime time TV awards celebrating product excellence and innovation.


The Best Brand Spark

The competitive landscape is crowded and confusing for consumers. As the most recognized award of its kind, the Best Brand Award conveys trust, value and excellence in mere seconds. Winners use their awards to energize their websites, e-tail, retail, distribution, ads, and all communications. With support from American Choice Awards winning media, the Best Brand Award is a game-changer.

DIFFERENTIATE: There are 120,000 items in superstores, 35,000 in grocery stores, and millions online. Whether online or retail, the Best Brand stands out, and quickly communicates the trust, value & approval from other consumers across America. At the important “moment of truth”, undecided shoppers become empowered buyersRegistration is now open.

Popularize & Energize

“86% of respondents nationwide are “very familiar” with The American Choice Awards.”

– InnoVotive Dynamics

“Products which won a national award or certification had a 54% boost in sales”

– Nielsen

“80 of American consumers said they would be more likely to purchase a product which had won a national award.”



2024 National Media 

Winner Announcements and Demos on Morning TV in the Top 210 US Markets

• Winner Announcements & demos to the largest audience of Primary Shoppers in America

• Winner Announcements & demos shared by Morning TV, websites & publications

• Winners featured in Best Brand Buyers Guides on Morning TV, websites & publications

• Winners Announcements on “The American Choice Awards” prime time TV Special

New for 2024: Winners share TV Presentations & publicity on their Best Brand Landing Site

The Best Brand Award Works 360/365


  • “Voted American Choice Awards Best Brand” (and approved variations)
  • Websites & Product Pages, Social, Mobile, TV & Print
  • Expanding Locations & Distribution
  • Labels & Packaging / SmartLabel™ Approved
  • Replaces “New” for Web, Ads & News
  • Show Displays, Event Signage
  • Store Displays, Fleet Signage
  • Product Releases, News & Editorials
  • Team Pride, Morale & Recruiting

  • Investor Relations & Stakeholder Value
  • Amazon Dash & Pantry
  • Boost Point for Shopping TV
  • Material for Partners & Sales Reps
  • Expand or Bring Back SKUs
  • Co-op Print & FSIs
  • Bridge for Retail, E-tail & Mobile
  • Spokesperson Integration

*Winners Activation Playbook provides instructions and “best practices”. 

Valuable Brand & Category Intel

Best Brand Award participants receive the full results of their brand and category study with demographic & geographic breakdowns. Winners receive the additional AI-Powered Brands & Trends Report with actionable emerging trends data. Best Brands learn: How do we compare with our competitors? What are our specific opportunities for growth?

“The Oscars of Innovation”

“The American Choice Awards” Red Carpet & Show: Dubbed “The Oscars of Innovation”, winning brands have the unique opportunity to accept their Golden Innovator Statues at the TV Special in New York. Renowned creative minds from the Golden Globes, CLIO Awards and Cannes Lions come together for another world-class event celebrating excellence and innovation. Acceptance remarks may be made at the podium, recorded video, or prepared remarks for the Category Presenter. Winners may also participate in Red Carpet photo-ops and the Celebrity Meet & Greet mixer following the telecast. *Stage time is subject to availability.


 Winning Timeline

  1. Brand highlights & category criteria are entered onto the Consumer Ballots
  2. Category voting and research is in the field with screened Primary Shoppers
  3. Winners are notified each month as the results are tabulated and certified
  •     American Choice Awards winners activate their Best Brand Award
  •     Winner announcements and product demos on national Morning TV
  •     Winners featured in ongoing media & publicity throughout the year

Registration is now open. Spaces are limited. Submit a Category Check to confirm availability.

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