Best Brand Awards

 The American Choice Awards


  • The American Choice Awards are the largest 100% consumer-voted product awards.
  • The American Choice Awards have the highest name recognition of all consumer-voted product awards.
  • The American Choice Awards have the largest media footprint of all consumer-voted product awards.
  • The American Choice Awards are the only national TV awards and red carpet for products & innovation.


The American Choice Awards brings together foremost research, influential media and consumers nationwide to determine America’s favorite brands.                                                                            

Nominees and Winners include Starbucks, Dyson, Dannon, Kraft, Purina, Black & Decker, KitchenAid, Honest, L’Oreal and many leading smaller brands. The inclusive Best Brand Awards are 100% consumer-voted and all participants have an equal opportunity to win.

Empowering Consumers

The Best Brand Seal empowers consumers to cut through the clutter and instantly recognize The Choice of American Consumers®.

(84% of consumers trust “word of mouth” recommendations about products and services. – Nielsen)

Empowering Brands

Winners get attention, gain trust, and grow their brands. 

“The publicity and interest from our Best Brand award has sent our sales through the roof!” – Personal Care


“We are honored to receive the strong vote of confidence from American consumers.” – Pet Care


“So far we’ve been featured in seven magazines and on CBS TV. Healthy Living also invited me to write regular articles on skin care solutions.” – Personal Care


“Our American Choice Awards display was a big hit. The retailer activity was incredible.” – Beauty


“It’s crowded and competitive. The Best Brand logo on our new pouches gives us a big advantage.” – Food


Real World Impact


Why Brands Participate

Credibility – Publicity – Sales Growth

  • The Exclusive Best Brand Seal
  • National TV, Multimedia & Publicity
  • Increased Sales & Market Share
  • Free to Enter


The American Choice Awards Best Brand Seal: Winners stand out by projecting value, trust and consumer approval. The Best Brand Seal works continuously on the web, Amazon, packaging, and across all communication channels. Winners deploy their Best Brand Seal to maximize the impact of ACA media appearances, announcements, events, stakeholder news, etc. *Support and “best practices” are provided for easy implementation. The Winning Seal at Work 


Winning Media: Best Brands are featured in major media appearances via Morning TV & Talk Show Segments and Best Brand Feature Sections in targeted magazines and websites. Winners are also promoted by the collective publicity and advertising of all Best Brands.

Category & Brand Research: Best Brand Winners receive a customized report for their brand and category with expert analysis, comparisons, consumer feedback, and demographic & geographic insights. Learn: Who and where are our customers? What do they want today? How do we perform vs the competition?


“The American Choice Awards” Red Carpet & Show: Dubbed “The Oscars of Innovation”, winning brands have the opportunity to accept their Golden Innovator Statues on the show. Acceptance remarks may be made at the podium, pre-recorded video, or a scripted statement for the category presenter. Winners receive the VIP Package to take part in Red Carpet photo-ops and the Celebrity Meet & Greet following the production. Key personnel, spokespeople, and teams are encouraged to participate. *Stage time subject to availability.


American Choice Awards Statues & Trophies: Impressive showpieces recognizing the dedication and achievements of winning teams.

Best Brand Seal – Omni-Channel Spark

  • Website, Amazon, E-tail & Retail
  • Integrated Campaigns, Web, Print, TV, Social, Mobile
  • Packaging, Labels & SmartLabel™ Compatible
  • Tagline: “American Choice Awards Best Brand” (and approved variations)
  • New Press Releases & Editorial Coverage
  • Event Signage & Displays
  • Investor Relations & Stakeholder Value
  • Coupons & Ads, In-store Campaigns, Displays & Hang Tags

* Support and “best practices” are provided.

  • Expand Distribution
  • Impact Points for Retail Partners & Reps
  • Expand or Bring Back SKUs
  • Co-op Print & FSIs
  • Amazon Dash Buttons, Pantry, etc.
  • Bridge for Retail, E-tail & Mobile
  • Spokesperson Integration
  • Team Recognition & Morale Building

Winning Timeline

Categories are selected by Editors, primary shoppers and category experts

Nominees provide their brand highlights for the consumer research

Nationwide research is conducted with screened category consumers

Category winners are notified as the results are tabulated and certified

Winners Leverage the Best Brand Seal

Winners Announced on TV & Magazines

Ongoing Media and Publicity Campaign

Free Registration Now Open

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